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Year 6



Key Questions to explore:

What symbolism is in the image of Buddha?

Who was the Buddha?

Why are the events of the Buddha’s life important for Buddhists?


The Life of Buddha

The Life of the Buddha animation.divx

Life of the Buddha - you could create your own story book about Buddha's life

Images of the Buddha - activities

  • Can you create or copy your own picture of the Buddha for display at school? Choose your own style.
  • Try finding out what each mudra (hand gesture) means - can you try them out?  You could test each other at home and see if you can remember them all!
  • Try and include the key features: long ear lobes, calm expression, simple robe, lotus flower, hand gesture, ushnisha (bump on to of his head), 'third eye' in the centre of his forehead. 


  • You could create a collage or picture of all the things that are special to you.
  • Can you make your own lotus flower by clicking on this link?

Holy Cribs: The Vihara

Two young Buddhists called Rushika and Amile welcome TrueTube to their Vihara in West London. We're given the full tour and learn about Buddhist beliefs and ...

Features of a Buddhist Temple (Vihara) - activities


  • You could make a model of a Vihara using recycled packaging, paper and card from around your house - please ask permission before using empty containers and boxes :)
  • Can you create a guide around a Vihara?  You could video yourself giving a guided tour of your model!
  • Draw a floor plan of a Vihara - what features would you find there?

Assessment Task


Key Question:

Why are the Three Jewels important to Buddhists?



Make a PowerPoint presentation, leaflet or booklet about Buddhist devotional practices at shrines to show to other classes, or to accompany a shrine display. You should include an explanation of each practice, for example, bowing before sacred objects with palms together three times shows respect for the Three Jewels.

Idea for reflection


Think about silence.

Have you had experience of being silent? Where? When?

Sit very still and keep very quiet for a few minutes.

How does it feel to be silent? Is being silent easy?

What might make it easier?


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