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Staying safe outside school

Teaching the children how to be safe at school, and outside school is a priority for us.  We share safety lessons with the children every half term in addition to our half termly lessons on ESafety issues.  The themes for these lessons may include road safety, fire safety, water safety, sun safety and stranger danger.  We also teach the children first aid skills progressively to children in years 1-6.  Please check this page for seasonal and topical safety information that you may find helpful to share with your children at home.

Clocks back! Dark nights ahead 


As summer time is coming to an end, the resources below will help remind children, including teenagers, about road safety and keeping safe in the dark. We will be talking about these issues in class as well.


Teaching Road Safety: A Guide for Parents

Safety First – Cycling at Night

Teaching road safety: guide for educators

Road safety teaching resources for children

Be Bright, Be Seen Poster

Keeping Children Safe in the Dark

Dark Nights

Be Bright Be Seen 

Water Safety


Sun Safety