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Collective Worship

Daily collective worship is a very special time at St Francis. There are lots of creative ways that we explore learning about God through Bible stories and prayer as well as reflecting on our values and what these mean to us.



Open the Book Assembly

A Collective Worship session led by our friends at Open the Book based on the story of Joseph.

Picture News

These are weekly collective worship resources linked to a topical news story or issue.  

Story: A new voucher scheme offering 50% restaurant meals in August was recently announced by the government.

Question: Do you think free vouchers are a good idea to help struggling shops and restaurants?

This week’s Virtual Assembly is now live on the Picture News Vimeo channel!



Black Lives Matter


The resources below are designed for older pupils. The resources have been produced sensitively and portray the story of one American man and his experience. The questions are all good questions to consider. This is particularly timely as there are protests and demonstrations in support of the Black Lives Matter campaign around the UK, and in Birmingham.


When thinking about these ideas, it is worth also reminding children of the values of dignity and worth, and the value God puts on each person. Jesus, in his life, shows the love and compassion of God for each person, and Christians are called to follow him in this. The worth of each person is shown in the Gospels through his teaching, healing, feeding, sharing hospitality, befriending, and forgiving. Ensuring our children are educated in an environment where all God’s children are valued is of the highest priority. The basic principle of respect for the value of each person is learned every day, every hour, every minute, when it is how people behave towards one another.


How do we show that everyone matters in our school?

When we discover that not everyone is treated as if they matter, what do we do about it?

Votes for Schools: Lesson resources - Will the recent anti-racism protests lead to change in the US? (KS2) Should you stand up for other people? (KS1)

Resources to create at home

Have a look at the ideas below for more prayer and Bible story ideas :)  If you get chance to create your own prayer or Bible story bag - please bring it into school to show us when we are all back together again for some bonus house points!