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The Good Samaritan

Key Questions:

Who is my neighbour?

How could I help them?

The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)

This story is an animated example of what the parable of the Good Samaritan might have looked like. Jesus tells this story in Luke 10:25-37. This Bible story...

You can also read the story directly from the Bible if you click on this link.

Craft activity ideas

Other activity ideas:


  • Play doctors and nurses, looking after someone who is poorly or injured.
  • Can you bandage up a doll?
  • Try pouring something from one container to another - like the Good Samaritan poured oil.
  • Create a matching game by drawing pictures of problems showing someone needs help, and a set of matching solutions.  For example - the books are all over the floor - someone helps to tidy them up.
  • Make 'helping hand' cards by drawing around your hand on paper and cut them out, creating a set of vouchers that can be redeemed by each other.  Your child may promise to help tidy up, you may promise to read them a story...
  • Make a card or picture to send to someone who may be feeling sad, ill or lonely.
  • Make sad and happy faces with play dough, talking about what makes us sad or happy.  Look at your sad and happy faces in a mirror!
  • Sequence the story using pictures and key words.
  • Act out the story or make paper hand puppets or use lolly sticks and dress with paper clothes for the characters.
  • Try using some of the weblinks below to find colouring sheets, other craft and song ideas.


  • Create a large picture or freize of all the people who are your neighbours - how might you help them?  We would love to see a photograph of your work.  Please send these in to your class email address :)
  • You could make them feel happier by sticking pictures up in your windows!
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