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Year 4



Worshipping and Celebrating


Key Questions:

Why is the home shrine special for Hindus?

How and why do Hindus celebrate the festival of Divali?

Why is a mandir important to Hindus?

What is the purpose of life?

1) Special objects


Think about things that are special to you. Do they have a ‘keep box’ with your special things in? What things do/would you place in a special keep box? Why would you choose these things? Draw and label a picture of your 'special keep box.'

2) Puja


Watch the video above and have a look at the information PowerPoint below.


Make notes on how each artefact is used. How does puja involve all the senses?


Perhaps you could have a go at making some traditional Indian sweets?

4 Indian Desserts You Can Make In Just 10 Minutes (QUICK & EASY)

These Quick Desserts recipes are the perfect companion to those with a sweet tooth.

3. The story of Rama and Sita 


Read the story of Rama and Sita, or watch the video below. You could make shadow puppets and perform a play of the story.


A central concept contained in the story is the triumph of good over evil.


What does good mean? Does it have one meaning or many meanings? What does evil mean? Does it have one meaning or many meanings? How do you decide what is good/evil?  


The triumph of good over evil is the subject of many traditional stories. Can you think of any? Can you think of any reasons why this is a popular theme in stories?  

Rama and Sita | Religious Studies - Stories for Collective Worship

4) The Mandir 


Look at the pictures below of the outside of a variety of mandirs. Ask them: What are these buildings? Who goes there? When? Why? What do you notice about the architecture?  


Look at the pictures of the inside of mandirs.  Watch the film of worship taking place. 


Draw and write about the different features found in a mandir, what happens during congregational puja, and how performing puja helps Hindus to feel closer to God.  


For Hindus in the UK, the mandir is not only a place of worship, but a community facility for social and cultural activities. Find out more about this.  What communities do you belong to?

Pictures inside and outside mandirs

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