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Religious Education

Your RE class pages are meant to last you the whole half term and contain lots of different activities for you to choose between.  Mrs Jones and your teachers are really looking forward to seeing your RE work.

Please do not feel you have to do everything.  Enjoy!

Spirited Art Competition

Every two years, we join in with the spirited art competition run by RE Today.  You can have a look at some of the examples of art that has been sent in by looking at the gallery.


The competition is not about artistic skill but about the thought and ideas that the children put into their work.  In the past we have had some fantastic entries that were very simply presented but reflected some very deep thinking.  Have a look at the themes for this year and have a think about which appeals most to you.  Judges will be asking is it original? Is it well-crafted? And (most importantly!) is it excellent RE?


Entries can include 

  • Art (painting, drawing, sketching etc)
  • Poetry
  • Photography
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Sculpture


The children will need to produce some writing to explain the ideas behind their work - up to 400 words.  


Pupils might use a selection of these. Approximately 8 makes a good set, but please don’t use them all!

Adapt them freely for different age groups and in any way suitable.

Written commentary on artwork should be under 400 words.


• The title I chose is … because … • The deepest thing about my work is … • The religion that inspired my work is … • My RE art work … • This art work is spiritual because … • I think my work connects to religion because … • A quote from a holy book that fits with my work is … • I’ve been investigating … • This picture is all about … • My ‘Art is Heaven’ work is about … • In RE it is good to explore … so … • Doing this work has made me think … • I’ve tried to show my thoughts/ideas/vision/feelings by … • I’ve discovered … • In my picture, you can see … • What I like best about my work is … • I hope people will notice … • This work has helped me to realise … • If you look carefully at the work, you will see … • My vision is … • To make the image, what I did was … • I like the theme I have been working on because … • My main ideas are … • My inspiration came from … • While I was making this, I thought a lot about … and I would like to say …


The deadline for entries to be sent into school this year is 15th June 2020.  Please keep your art work, poetry or videos of dramas or recordings of music created safe until we know more about when we will be back in school. Further details about when to send photographs or recordings of your work into school will follow on this page.   Once all entries have been received into school, 10 winners will be chosen and sent in to the competition.  The rest of your work will be celebrated in school when we are back together :)



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