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Year 2



Who made the world?


You can find the story of creation in the Bible in the book of Genesis chapter 1

Key Questions


Can you retell the story of creation from Genesis 1:1–2.3 simply?

What does the story tell Christians about God, Creation and the world?

Can you give at least one example of what Christians do to say thank you to God for the Creation?


Think, talk and ask questions about living in an amazing world.

1) Explore our world:


Spend some time experiencing nature. If possible, walk barefoot on grass or sand. Look closely at flowers and insects. Lie underneath some trees and watch the sunlight filter through the leaves. What words can you use to describe these experiences, and your feelings?


Have a look at some pictures of some created things, or the objects themselves: for example, teddy bear, mobile phone, crusty bread. What might the person who made them (the ‘creator’) be like.


Give them some words to think about, some that are likely, (for example, friendly, creative, clever), some less likely (small, angry, bearded). Talk about whether the maker of a teddy bear must be furry, the baker crusty, and the mobile phone-maker square.


Look at some lovely images (or objects) of the natural world. If these have a creator, what might the creator be like? (for example, amazing, huge, strong, full of ideas, happy, magic.)

The Creation - Beginners Bible

The Beginner's Bible - Journey back to the beginning of the world as God brings forth the Earth...

2) Explore the story of creation.


Explore the story in different ways. For example, choose two or three of the following:

• choose music to express each of the days of creation; make up some dance moves that reflect the music and what is created.

• draw and role play: imagine you are the first animals, birds or fish!

• look at some poems and learn to recite one — the rhythm and repetition helps, which is partly why the Genesis account is structured with all the repetitions (it was morning..., it was evening..., the third day...).

• Come up with key words for the story (two or three per day), draw them, and order them, so you can practise retelling the story. Put these alongside some images for each day, recalling them each time you tell the story.

LYRICS (Creation Song)

Lyric video for the Creation Song by Saddleback Kids.

3) Being thankful


Christians believe that God created the world, so they should be thankful.


One key way for Christians to show thankfulness to God is for them to be generous to those with less. In Matthew 10:8, Jesus said to his followers, ‘Freely you have received, freely give.’


Find out what some churches do with their harvest offerings: for example, taking it into the community, or giving it to food banks. What does the school do, and why?


If Harvest is an annual event, how do Christians remember to be thankful to the Creator every day?


One way is by saying ‘grace’ before meals. Find out some grace prayers, and see if you can make up some ideas for Christians. What difference does it make if you say something every day? You are often told to say please and thank you. Why is that?

4) Asking God questions


If someone believes God made the world, what might they say about it?


What might they say to this Creator?


Their comments might start with ‘I like… Thank you for... I wonder why... Please can you... It’s amazing that…’

Record your ideas on sticky notes or make a poster.  What fun facts can you find out about our world?

Creation for Kids - Genesis 1, Days of Creation

A video to teach children what God made on each day of creation, as recorded in the Bible in Genesis, chapter 1. Note to our viewers: By way of clarification...

5) The importance of rest


Thinking about being busy and resting, and the importance of a day of rest in the Genesis story. Busy busy!


'Become’ a repetitive machine. What sort of movements might you choose? How do they work together? Put the dance to some suitable repetitive, ‘mechanical’ music.


Then, change the style of music to something much more relaxed, free and fun. Have a go at developing your own movements to this different style of music.


How did you feel in both dance activities? Did you feel more free/independent/creative in the second one? What would happen if you stayed in the first dance all the time?


Alternatively, a simpler activity would be to run around outside; then stop and watch the clouds.

Christians Believe:


• God created the universe.

• The Earth and everything in it are important to God.

• God has a unique relationship with human beings as their Creator and Sustainer.

• Humans should care for the world because it belongs to God.