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Living our High Five Values as we learn and grow together in our Christian School.

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Are you looking for a school that promotes honesty, friendship, forgiveness, happiness and love?  If so you are in the right place! 


Choosing the School or Nursery for your child is an important decision, we aim to provide an opportunity for yourself and your child to experience aspects of life at St. Francis. We encourage prospective parents/carers to visit before making their decision. Every Wednesday(during term time) at 09:05 am we warmly welcome parents/carers to attend an assembly, have a tour led by St. Francis children and meet with the head teacher and chair of governors. Please book your Wednesday morning visit by contacting the school office.



The deadline for applying for a Nursery place at St. Francis C of E Primary School & Nursery is Wednesday 19th December 2018.  Nursery places for 2018-2019 will be offered on Friday 18th January 2019. St Francis Nursery have a yearly intake every September following a child’s third birthday. Children are entitled to 15 hours a week provision, which is either allocated over 5 mornings or 5 afternoons. However, full time provision is available for a top-up fee of £63.90 per week for 5 full days of provision.  Some people are eligible to 30 hours funded provision.  To see if you are eligible visit

From September 2019, our top-up fee will be £72.50 per week for 5 full days of provision (if you are not eligible for the 30 funded hours).



To apply for a Reception place at St  Francis CE Primary School & Nursery, a  school admission from must be completed alongside the Birmingham City Council Admission form. Please find the supplementary form, within our Admissions Policy (see policy below).



For all those wishing to appeal for a Reception place in 2019 please note that in order to guarantee an appeal hearing being heard before the summer holidays the appeal forms must be submitted to the school by Monday 3rd June 2019.

The timeline for Appeals: 

Deadline for lodging appeals – Monday 3rd June 2019.

Appeals received by Monday 3rd June 2019 will be heard by Friday 6th September 2019.

Appeals received after Monday, 03 June 2019 (late appeals) will be heard by Friday, 06 September 2019 where possible, or within 30 school days of the appeal being lodged, whichever is later. While we will endeavour to hear on - time appeals before the end of the Summer Term 2019, it may not be possible to hear late appeals before the start of the new school year in September 2019

All dates are to be confirmed and subject to change.

If you decide to appeal, please contact Mrs Emma Curtis, our Office Manager, who will send you the relevant paperwork.


Admission Forms can be found as an appendix to our Admissions Policy or click on the link below:

St. Francis  Church of England Primary School & Nursery requires an additional admissions application form, which must be completed and returned to Mrs E Curtis in the school office.




In Year Admissions

All applications for in year admissions should be made directly to the Local Governing Body (handed in to the school office).


If you have a queries about the process then please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs E Curtis, our Office Manager. 


For further advice on admissions visit:

Birmingham Local Education Authority Admissions–2