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Physical Education

Intent Statement

In P.Ee we intend that our curriculum will allow the staff and pupils to: 

Become physically literate with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.  


Reflection – consider how living an active healthy life improves our spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing.   


Exploration – Participate in a wide range of different sports and physical competencies.  


Cooperation – learn to work together as a team and how to play fairly, win, and lose graciously and in good spirit. 


Independence - organise and lead their own activities, events and games, where appropriate. 


Perseverance - Challenge themselves to be their best and push their comfort zones in all physical activities. Try new sports and go beyond the limits of what they believe they are capable of. 


Engagement -  Develop the skills, knowledge and habits needed to live a fulfilling, healthy life, making the most of their physical gifts. Enjoy sport and physical activities for the fun they provide.  


Golden Threads  

Spirituality – be aware of the range of ways physical activity nourishes our spirit and contributes to our emotional wellbeing.  

Diversity - Know that anyone can participate and achieve at sport no matter their race, gender, religion or disability. Everyone can and should be able to access all P.E. lessons at a level appropriate to them. 

Ambition - Understand what is possible (what excellent looks like) and show them how to achieve it.  Offer enrichment experiences to widen their sporting experiences.