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Year 5

What it means to belong to the Worldwide Christian faith. 

Celebrating Eucharist.


Key Questions to explore:

How do you know you belong?

What is good about taking part?

How do you remember special people, places and events?


Why should we listen to others?

How did Jesus put others first?


How do believers show that other people matter?

How do believers show they belong to their faith?

What does it mean to belong?


How do you belong? What is it like to be ‘inside’ a group and  ‘outside’ a group? Share ideas.


Take an example of a group e.g. a family group, your class, football team. Discuss what helps the group to ‘get on’ together. What things do you argue or disagree about?


The early Christians saw themselves as a family – for them it was important to join and belong. But, like all families they argued. Read the extract from the Apostle Paul’s Letter to the young church in Corinth. He was trying to help them get on together even when they disagreed. What do you think about Paul’s advice? Why do you think he chose the human body to demonstrate the idea of unity?


What’s the most important part of your body? What would your head do without your hands?


Write a letter to someone who is having an argument explaining why they should be friends.

Our school as part of the Church of England


See if you can do some research and find one of these:

  • Find the name of the Bishop of Birmingham
  • Find the names of the Church of England’s two Archbishops.
  • Discover which Christian communities in other parts of the world are being prayed for by Birmingham Cathedral.


(The links at the bottom of this web page may help you)


Share your discoveries and make a display about your Church of England school. 


Investigate what life is like in Malawi.  We look forward to learning more about Malawi in school and making links with children who go to school there - maybe you could share what you have learnt? :)


How might you present your findings?  It would be great to display your work in school!



The Miracle Maker - Last Supper scene KLT

The Miracle Maker movie, the scene of the last supper. I do not own this.

Holy Communion/The Eucharist - more information

What do Christians believe about the Eucharist?


Check out this communion resource by Kids on the Move. Kids on the Move is the children's ministry of Church on the Move, in Tulsa, OK. Subscribe to our YouT...

The Eucharist - activities


  • Collect some objects that remind you of significant moments, experiences or relationships in your life. Create a special box or create a poster of your special objects. Label each object to explain why it has been chosen.


When Christians want to remember the life of Jesus and think about its meaning for them they sometimes use some symbols to help.

  • Bread and wine

remind us of the body and blood of Jesus


  • The one chalice

is shared to unite in the love of God


  • The stole

reminds the priest that he or she is the servant of others (as Jesus took the towel, so the priest takes the stole)


  • The cross

reminds us of Jesus’ death for us.


  • Can you make a guide to what the Eucharist is and why it is important for Christians?  Year 1 will be going to their first Eucharist service soon - it would be great if you could share your guides with them :)




Assessment activity


Key Question:

Why is the Eucharist important to Christians?



Illustrate and explain the symbols of Eucharist and their significance.  How might a Christian describe the importance of communion to them?

Idea for Reflection

How do I show I belong?


Other Challenges


  • How is Pentecost celebrated in the church around the world?


“Help us to work together for that day when your kingdom comes and justice and mercy will be seen in all the earth.”


What do you think a kingdom of justice and mercy would look like, sound like and feel like? 

For example:

Look like - people smile rather than scowl, people forgive one another when they have been hurt or badly treated.

Sound like - no police sirens, sounds of the natural world ie creatures unthreatened by humankind.

Feel like - each person would feel safe, valued and loved, each person would be proud to be the person God has made them.

  • Use a magazine collection, draw or copy pictures from the internet to create a picture of this ideal world. 
  • Alternatively, you could write a poem called “Dream of the Kingdom.”

Reading Comprehension - Last Supper, different levels

Last Supper Mindfulness colouring sheet

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