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Intent Statement


In computing we use Teach Computing as a scheme of work.



Our computing curriculum is intended to provide pupils with the skills, expertise and experience to safely utilise the ever-changing landscape of modern technology and its increased use within our daily lives. Through effective and consistent teaching, with a curriculum that has a clearly identified progression path, the pupils will gain and develop skills in order to be successful consumers of IT.

We are aware that there are a lot of choices to be made when using IT and we aim to embed a culture which places safety at the heart, prompting pupils to be responsible and make the right decisions. We want IT to be used as tools across the curriculum in order to push the pupil’s learning forward in all areas.

Our knowledge rich curriculum will equip the pupils with the necessary information to put the skills into practice: within their identified lessons, in the wider curriculum and in their everyday lives.



Each year group will have 6 units of 6 hours in length covering the following:

1. Computing Systems and Networks

2. Creating Media A

3. Creating Media B

4. Data and Information

5. Programming A

6. Programming B


The lessons contained within these units will be a mix of on and off-screen culminating in final projects. These will showcase the knowledge and skills the pupils have acquired during the unit, whilst maintaining the pupil’s individuality when making decisions.


To supplement our computing lessons, each pupil will benefit from dedicated Online Safety lessons at least every half term in the following areas:

1. Self-Image and Identity

2. Online Relationships

3. Online Reputation

4. Online Bullying

5. Managing Online Information

6. Health, Well-being and Lifestyle

7. Privacy and Security

8. Copyright and Ownership


All staff will be provided with comprehensive training in these areas through the National Online Safety portal in order to teach these crucial lessons effectively.

Technology will be used throughout the wider curriculum to enhance the teaching and learning to ensure it is effective – this will particularly be the case for those children with EAL and SEN. The use of technology will become intrinsic within school life, choosing when and where it is appropriate to use it to develop the knowledge and skills in all areas.



Pupils progress will be measured in a variety of ways including teacher judgements, summative assessments and peer and self-assessment. The pupils will showcase their work in a multitude of methods, online and offline.

We encourage pupils to engage with all aspects of the curriculum to foster a keen interest in the subject and to have a desire to continue their learning journey past Key Stage 2.