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Week 4 (27th April - 1st May 2020)

Home Learning Update (26.4.20)


As communicated through a letter on Friday 24th April we are re-designing our home learning activities and will go live with those on Monday 4th May. In the interim we are providing you with our current daily activities as well as a weekly learning pack from the Robin Hood Trust (Under the Sea). The intention is not that the children do both but that you can pick or choose whichever suits you best. You might decide to do one or the other, or you can mix and match the activities.


Write a diary entry as if you were Neil Armstrong after just walking on the moon. How do you feel? Happy? Scared? Proud? Why? What could you see? Hear? 


Look at the Neil Armstrong PowerPoint above and then make a list of ten things you would like to take to the moon and explain why. 


Practice this week's spellings and write a sentence for each one. Add expanded noun phrases and adverbs. (Add an adjective to a noun and an adverb to a verb). 


small         altogether         father         people        runner          runny           nicest          nicer          copy          copied