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Summer Half Term 2020

Get Cooking

Team up with someone else in your house and plan a meal for everyone. Work out what ingredients you will need and then get cooking following a recipe. 


Get Quizzing

We know that quizzes have become a key component of lockdown living. Create a family quiz that you do in house or share with another household via zoom (other apps are available!). 


Get Active

Go for a run. Complete a workout. Play a family game of football, cricket or netball. Whatever it is you decide to do - get out and release those endorphins! 


Get Reading

Pick a book that has been sitting on the shelf and never been opened. Settle into somewhere comfortable and immerse yourself in the adventure. 



Get Musical

Find a musical instrument or create one using items around your house and create a piece of music completely from scratch or using familiar music as inspiration. 


Get Writing

Pick up a pen or pencil and grab a piece of paper and start writing. This could be a story, a diary entry, a letter to a family member, a poem - absolutely anything you like.


Get Creative

Find some craft materials around your house and create something artistic. It could be a drawing, a painting, s sculpture - whatever it is, make it amazing!


Get Laughing

Have a laugh with your household. Find as many jokes as you can either in a book or in your own head and start telling them at random and see how many laughs (or sighs!) you get.