St Francis Church of England Aided Primary School and Nursery

Living our High Five Values as we learn and grow together in our Christian School.

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Recipe for Success

Our RECIPE for success are our learning tools that underpin our approach to learning. 


Reflection allows us to look back at our learning experiences and make connections, identify what we have done well and what we might want to change if we were to come across the same situation again. 


Exploration encourages us to try new things, or try a different approach to our learning. 


Cooperation enables us to work with others in different ways in order to achieve our goals.  We are provided with lots of different opportunities to work with different people, different sized groups as well as people of different ages to us to help us to develop our team working skills. 


Independence means that we can go it alone.  We can solve our own problems, remember what we need for school or a task we are completing.  it helps us to take responsibility for our own lives and learning. 


Perseverance motivates us to keep trying, even when we get it wrong.  It helps us to learn from our mistakes and not mind if we do, because we know that is how we learn. 


Engagement motivates us in our learning.  We learn that the best way to learn is to join in, have a go, actively listen, ask questions, answer questions and most of all not be a passenger.