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Easter Holidays 2020

Get Making

Create an Easter Bonnet. find a hat and decorate it all things Easter. We will be posting on Facebook during Holy Week asking for you to send us your pictures of you wearing your Easter Bonnets with pride. 




Get Decorating

In keeping with tradition, we invite you all the decorate an egg for easter. We will be posting on Facebook during Holy Week asking you to send us your pictures of you and your decorated egg. 



Get Quizzing

Create a family quiz, as many rounds as you like and then get the household together and see who can win. 



Get Baking

Get the whole family in the kitchen and create some delicious Easter treats. Maybe it will be some Hot Cross Buns or some Chocolate Cake, whatever you decide we're sure it will be delicious.  



Get Researching

Research how Easter is celebrated in a different part of the world and create a presentation (powerpoint, video etc) about your findings. 



Get Reading

Find a book you have never read before (or even one that you love and want to read again) and find a place you've never read in and get reading - take a picture of your unusual places. 



Get Singing

Why not head over to our Singing at St Francis page and have a go at singing some St Francis favourite. Or just whack on some music and start a household sing-a-long.  



Get Crafting

Find as many craft like items around your house and create something Easter themed. It could be an Easter card for a neighbour or a piece of artwork about Holy Week, it is up to you. 



Get Laughing

How many jokes can you create? How many jokes can you tell? Create some jokes or start a joke-a-thon with your family and see how many you can tell each other in one single day. 



Get Scrapbooking

Create a scrapbook about all the things that Easter means to you. This could include drawings, paintings, photographs, poems, short stories - whatever you want, it is your scrapbook!