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On this page you will find a wide range of links to other websites that can help with your child's education. We have split these up into individual subjects to make it easier for you to navigate. 


There are plenty of amazing educational videos on Youtube that can be used as part of learning at home (and also inside the classroom). Why not take advantage of these free resources to help your children discover more about a wide range of subjects and topics?


Before choosing to watch any online video, it’s worth taking some to think about these questions:

  • Is it suitable for your children? How can you tell? Was it created for children, or is it aimed at an older audience?
  • Who created it? How can you be sure that the information in the video is accurate?
  • What do your children hope to find out by watching the video? Do they have any questions about the topic before they start? Could you write these down and make a note of the answers as you watch the video?
  • Some of the videos have adverts. Why is this?