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We are very proud to launch our brand new online learning platform, Google Classrooms


Your child will have their own individual login details (username and password) and will be able to log in using these credentials on any device, provided it has internet access.


Over the next academic year we will develop how we will use Google Classrooms within school. It will also serve as our main tool for teaching should an individual child needs to isolate, or a bubble/whole school has to close - please see below for further details on this. 


Individual or Family Isolating

If an individual child or a family is isolating for reasons relating to Covid-19 then work will be uploaded and assigned to the child(ren) through Google Classrooms. There will not be any live lessons or teacher input for this learning as they will remain teaching the rest of the child’s class in school. If there are questions relating to the work then these can be sent in through Google Classroom and will be answered as soon as is practical for the teacher.


Bubble/Whole School Closure

If a bubble has to close or we are instructed to close the whole school then all learning will move to Google Classrooms for as long as the closure is in place. There will be different timetables for different phases and these will be communicated to you as appropriate. 


The children will have an input lesson from their teacher using the Google Meet App before being set tasks to complete relating to what they have just learnt.  They will then reconvene on Google Meet for a round-up of the learning before moving on to the next lesson. There will be one main break for lunch in the middle of the day – other breaks during the day can be taken when the child has completed the tasks set and must not be during a Google Meet session with the teacher. 


It is the Government’s expectation that all children participate in learning for the whole school day (9am – 3.30pm). Registers will be taken and phone calls will be made to any child missing from lessons. If your child is too unwell to participate then you must inform us by emailing before 10am on the day of absence. 


Children will need to be awake and dressed properly (no pyjamas) for the period of the school day. Some parents expressed that their children dressed in their uniform or PE kit during lockdown which helped their child get into the mindset for school – this will not be an expectation but hopefully may be some useful advice. 


Your children will be set assignments via Google Classroom and these will need to be completed and submitted to their teacher. The teacher will then provide feedback on the work as appropriate.