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Living our High Five Values as we learn and grow together in our Christian School.

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Welcome to the gallery! Please enjoy browsing our photographs.

Picture 1 Children In Need Day
Picture 2 Archie during Children In Need day
Picture 3 Autumn Days
Picture 4 Bike It breakfast
Picture 5 Children In Need day
Picture 6 Harrison busy at work!
Picture 7 RowHeath one snowy day!
Picture 8 Having Fun in Our PJs!
Picture 9 Little Red Hen
Picture 10 Red Robins made by Nursery
Picture 11 Archery at PGL. Year 4
Picture 12 Betty
Picture 13 Charlie and Megan climbing high!
Picture 14 Getting ready to launch! PGL. Year 4
Picture 15 Fun way to travel to school
Picture 16 Investigating new fruits in Nursery
Picture 17 Having FUN on our Trim Trail!
Picture 18 INSPIRE workshop.
Picture 19 INSPIRE workshop
Picture 20 Investigating different artefacts
Picture 21 Muddy fun at PGL!
Picture 22 More muddy fun at PGL!
Picture 23 Mrs Jones with Hannah and Lucy
Picture 24 Raft building at PGL. Year 4
Picture 25 Year 4 PGL residential. Elizabeth climbing high
Picture 26 Trim Trail Fun
Picture 27 Victorian Day.
Picture 28 Violins at our Christmas Fayre
Picture 29 We love reading!
Picture 30 Water Fun in Reception Class
Picture 31 We love using ipads!
Picture 32 Year 2
Picture 33 Year 1 & 2 Victorian Day
Picture 34 Exploring!
Picture 35 cooking!
Picture 36 hiking at Snowdonia. Year 6
Picture 37 pond dipping
Picture 38 Snowdonia.
Picture 39 Snowdonia Beauty. Year 6
Picture 40 Snowdonia. Campfire warmth.
Picture 41 Snowdonia. Year 6 adventures!
Picture 42 Snowdonia. Climbing high!
Picture 43 Snowdonia. Elan enjoying the sunshine.
Picture 44 Snowdonia. Getting WET!
Picture 45 Snowdonia. Hazel & others getting wet!
Picture 46 Snowdonia. Mrs Hadley and others having fun!
Picture 47 Snowdonia. Showing off new skills!
Picture 48 Snowdonia. Ready for a hike!
Picture 49 Snowdonia. Smile girls!
Picture 50 Snowdonia. Tahm enjoying a treat!
Picture 51 Snowdonia. Verity getting wet!
Picture 52 Snowdonia. Team work!
Picture 53 Snowdonia. We love it!
Picture 54 Snowdonia. Working together.
Picture 55 Snowdonia. Wow!
Picture 56 Coming to school in the snow is so much fun!
Picture 57 Christmas time!
Picture 58 Climbing adventures
Picture 59 Drumming!
Picture 60 Having fun on the Tyre park.
Picture 61 learning in Nursery
Picture 62 learning about the Torah
Picture 63 Khai with a newly hatched chick
Picture 64 Making a snowman.
Picture 65 London
Picture 66 Lucie playing the Oboe
Picture 67 Miss Knowles
Picture 68 Mr Gum work
Picture 69 Mr & Mrs Twit. Roald Dahl Day!
Picture 70 Mrs Wonka!
Picture 71 Nursery talk to the medics!
Picture 72 Nursery cake sale
Picture 73 Percy Park
Picture 74 Roald Dahl Day
Picture 75 waiting for the chicks to hatch
Picture 76 wonderful concentration!
Picture 77 wintery cobweb!
Picture 78 Year 4
Picture 79 Fred the Bus!
Picture 80 making & decorating gingerbread men!
Picture 81 Staff christmas jumper day_
Picture 82 Winning_Football_Team_13.6.14_2_optimized
Picture 83 Snowdonia. In front of the house with Mrs Cowlard
Picture 84 exploring at Snowdonia
Picture 85 magic tree at Snowdonia
Picture 86 on the beach
Picture 87 Ruth enjoying an icecream
Picture 88 Art Workshop
Picture 89 Bake Off at our Summer Fayre
Picture 90 Choir at our Summer Fayre
Picture 91 kayaking fun!
Picture 92 map reading skills
Picture 93 Mrs Pickup demonstrating her Archery skills!
Picture 94 Revd Peter is a winner!
Picture 95 Summer_Fayre_
Picture 96 Summer_Fayre_2014
Picture 97 Tug of War fun at the Summer Fayre
Picture 98 11th of November. Poppies made by the children
Picture 99 Art work
Picture 100 big_minstries_003_optimized
Picture 101
Picture 102 Fred
Picture 103 Fred
Picture 104 Freds_1st_Birthday
Picture 105 ice_bucket_challenge_
Picture 106 Miss Hurved and a chick!
Picture 107 Mums in Fred!
Picture 108 red painting!
Picture 109 Sports Day
Picture 110 Sports Day
Picture 111 Sports Day
Picture 112 Sports_Day_CC_2014
Picture 113 Staff taking part in The Acorns Run
Picture 114 Bishop Brighton visited us from Africa
Picture 115 Winning Team