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Living our High Five Values as we learn and grow together in our Christian School.

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Curriculum Statement

At St Francis our  curriculum has been developed with a clear intent. Each subject is developed around our Recipe for Success and our Golden Threads of spirituality, diversity  and ambition. These are then used as basis to develop a curriculum that builds knowledge and skills throughout a child's time in our school.  


We are an inclusive Church of England primary school and Nursery, we welcome families from all and no faiths and ensure that our curriculum is accessible to all pupils who attend our school.   


Curriculum Intent Statement 


At St Francis our curriculum has been designed to allow both our pupils and staff to be reflective learners; we create opportunities for the children to consider their learning, their choices their thoughts and opinions.  Also to marvel at the wonderful world that God has created. Through a diverse and inclusive curriculum we strive for all at St Francis to be tolerant, proud and excited to celebrate and learn about the wonderful cultures and religions that we have in our school, community and globally.  We want everyone to explore the world around them have a greater understanding and appreciation of the lives of others.  Together we explore the impact of our and other’s actions, looking at how the world has changed for the better and worse and learning how we can leave a lasting positive impact on the world.  Cooperation is an essential life skill and throughout all our learning we provide opportunities for the children to work with different people and organisations  in different situations and with different age groups.   We want our children to learn and retain a wealth of knowledge that will enable them to understand the world around them, to be independent and access further learning, building a future using  a wide knowledge base that will open doors for them in their life.   We explore the importance of perseverance in life learning from taking risks and holding our heads high regardless of how hard something has been.  To keep going and keeping a growth mindset remembering that we can’t do things YET.  We just need to practice more.   In order to get the most out of every experience in life we need to be engaged and present, taking an active part in our own learning journey.  Asking and answering questions.  Tackling issues that are important to our community and the world as well as considering the impact of our own and other’s actions.  By actively engaging in our learning we will strive to live life in all its fullness. 


In all areas of our learning we will strive to be the best we can be,  setting high expectations for ourselves and others so that we can be proud of everything that we do.  St Francis is a place where we hope all our staff and pupils will learn a great deal, experience a diverse range of events and have fun through a joyful approach to learning and life.  


It is our intent that through the Christian ethos and values we hold dear, we will live our High Five values as we learn and grow together in our Christian school. 

Birmingham City Council’s Education Department publish a curriculum statement outlining their commitment to equip children and young people to be happy, talented, confident and ambitious citizens of Birmingham and the world.


All children in Birmingham will experience a broad and balanced curriculum enabling them to grow and learn in an environment without prejudice, or inequality.  It will prepare them for adult life by:

  • enabling them to play an active role in their school and community,
  • experiencing a culturally rich and diverse life,
  • developing and benefitting from a range of positive relationships


They will also receive a curriculum which alongside the core subjects;

Develops an appreciation of the arts.

Allows them to take part in a wide range of physical activities, sports and games.

Develops a sense of self in a non judgemental mutually supportive environment.

Allows them to experience music and it’s intrinsic value for enjoyment, and self expression through performing, singing and the playing of instruments.

Promotes a social, moral, spiritual and cultural education that broadens the children’s awareness and understanding of the world and their place within it. 

These are some of the ways in which we ensure the children experience life in all its fullness!