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At St Francis, we develop children’s character through our Behaviour curriculum. In order to build character, we define the behaviours and habits that we expect students to demonstrate. We want to support our pupils to grow into adults who are polite, respectful, grateful and who put others before themselves. We believe that as pupils practise these behaviours, over time they become habits that positively shape how they feel about themselves and how other people perceive them. 


Teaching the curriculum

The curriculum is taught explicitly during the first week in Autumn term alongside the traditional National Curriculum subjects. Children should learn the content of the curriculum so that they can recall the information and act upon it. Teachers will also demonstrate these behaviours and ensure pupils have many opportunities to practise these (particularly in the first few days of term). For example, a lining up order should be taught in the classroom but must be reinforced in different locations and times throughout the school day e.g. at lunchtime. It is expected that all pupils will know this content.


As Tom Bennett describes in ‘Running The Room’, the process for teaching behaviour explicitly is as follows -

1. Identify the routines you want to see
2. Communicate in detail your expectations
3. Practise the routines until everyone can do them
4. Reinforce, maintain and patrol the routines constantly


It is important that all school staff know the details of this curriculum, teach it explicitly to children and continuously maintain the high standards we set. By doing so we support each other to create a culture where pupils feel safe and are able to learn in an optimised environment and where teachers are free to teach unimpeded.



While this curriculum is for all pupils it will be applied differently in different year groups depending on pupils’ ages and may be applied differently depending on individual pupils’ SEND needs. For example, pupils who have autistic spectrum conditions may find it very uncomfortable to maintain eye-contact with adults. Sensitivity must be applied at all times when teaching the curriculum.