St. Francis C. of E. Primary School and Nursery

Zone Boards

Working towards maximum time during High Five Fridays!

Our High Five


Each class will have their own zone board. Zone Boards look different from one classroom to the next as teachers have taken their own creative view on the form it takes within their classroom.



However, the main principles of the zone board are consistent from one classroom to the next.


Main Principles:

Every child starts a fresh day on green.

Children get individually recognised for their positive behaviour and attitudes towards learning and school. At these times the child gets moved up.

When a child reaches ‘gold’ they are given a raffle ticket – to be named and posted in the golden box (outside the Head-teacher’s office).

Raffle ticket children:

1.get extra time on Tyre Park on a Friday.

2. the following Monday, stand up in assembly and raffle draw takes place.

At St Francis we see the use of positive praise as essential for developing children’s understanding of appropriate behaviour. However, in some circumstances it is necessary to identify certain behaviours as inappropriate. In these situations pupils will be moved down the zone board.

Children will first be moved to ‘orange’ as a warning regarding their inappropriate behaviour.

Every time a child is moved to the next stage (red), the class teacher will inform parents at the end of the same day.

In KS1 red = loss of 5 minutes of ‘High Five Friday’ and after 3 times in red pupils will be added to the incident book.

KS2: red = incident book and loss of 5 minutes of ‘High Five Friday.’

If pupils are entered into the incident Incident Book:

1st time: class teacher to oversee

2nd time: SLT to oversee

3rd time: Mrs Cowlard to contact parents and invite in for a meeting.


High Five Fridays! 2.30-3.00pm

High Five Friday is a positive and purposeful reward for children. The children ‘sign-up’ for a half term programme of activities. The activities are designed to enrich pupils learning further and appeal to the passions that St. Francis children possess. Each activity takes children from year groups 1 – 6, this provides further opportunities for children to mix, learn and support children from different age groups. As an additional advantage, ‘High Five Fridays’ provide the opportunity for staff to work with children from different years and thus ensure a more cohesive school.