St. Francis C. of E. Primary School and Nursery


Whole School Data 2016-2017

End of year data sheet 2016 17

On the pages in this section you will find the schools results for EYFS, the Year 1 Phonics, KS1 and KS2 assessments. Below you will find a short explanation of each of these assessments.

EYFS Results

The EYFS Framework exists to support all professionals working in the EYFS to help your child, and was developed with a number of early years experts and parents. The Framework is broken into 17 different assessment areas. The new framework is designed to support your child’s development. Assessments at the end of reception are made by the class teacher and are based on evidence collected throughout the year.

Year 1 Phonics Test

Since June 2012, Year 1 pupils have sat a phonics screening check to asses pupils level and understanding of phonics. The assessment is conducted by the class teacher and the children are kept at relaxed at possible. Children who do not pass the test have the opportunity to repeat the assessment in year 2.

KS1 and KS2 Sats

SATS (Standard Assessment Tests) tests are given at the end of year 2 and  year 6. They are government set compulsory assessments used to show your child’s progress compared with other children.

Key Stage 1: 
SATs take place in year 2 (at the end of infants) throughout May. Each child is teacher assessed in Reading, writing (including spelling and handwriting), Maths (including number, shape, space and measurement) and science. Your child’s class teacher will set short pieces of work in English. Pupils will be expected to complete assessment papers in Reading, Spelling Punctuation and Grammar and Maths to judge what level of ability your child is considered to be.


Key Stage 2
: SATs take place in May and are more formal than Key Stage 1.   The tests which are taken in year 6 cover the core subjects, Maths, Reading and Spelling Punctuation and Grammar. Some select schools have to sit Science.  The papers are sent away to be marked with results being available before your child leaves primary school in July.

Please follow the link below to see our school’s performance table: