St. Francis C. of E. Primary School and Nursery

Reception – Reward Pockets


Nursery behaviour system

There are 5 levels on the pocket.

All children start each day on green level.

Children move their pictures up the pockets to silver for doing good things e.g. being helpful, trying hard, listening well etc.

If they then do another good thing, they move to gold. They receive a certificate on a Friday afternoon, explaining why they moved to gold.

Children may move automatically to gold if they have done something exceptionally good.

Children move their picture down a pocket for inappropriate behaviour. They will first be given a verbal warning and a reminder about our expectations for their behaviour. If they continue with the inappropriate behaviour, they will then be moved to orange. This is the warning level. In rare instances, if the child still continued with the inappropriate behaviour, they would then be moved to red. They would then need to sit on a time out chair and would be given 5 minutes to think about their behaviour. If a child goes into red level during the day, we would speak to their parent at the end of the day.

We will always do our best to move children out of orange and red as soon as possible.

We keep a record of which level each child is in at the end of every day.