St. Francis C. of E. Primary School and Nursery


The Importance of Prayer

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Prayer is a central part of our school life.  We pray in many different ways, at different times throughout the day as well as during our times of Collective Worship.  The children are encouraged to spend time in quiet reflection and respect the importance of talking and listening to God.

Children can add their own prayers to our prayer tree, which is displayed in our entrance.  If they would like to pray for a friend or member of their family they can write a special “heart” prayer which is placed on a special “heart” shaped pin board and, if the children would like him to, is then taken by Rev Peter to share in church.

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During our Collective Worship when we are together as a whole school or in separate classes, the children often say their own spontaneous prayers which are very moving and valued by us all.

There are special prayers that we say before lunch and at the end of the school day and on Tuesdays we all say the Lord’s Prayer at lunchtime.  At times we may also use the children’s own prayers or those taken from books of prayers.

Our Lunchtime Prayer

Thank you Loving Father,

For all your tender care,

For food and clothes and shelter

And all your world so fair


Our End of the Day Prayer

Thank you Lord, for this day

For our work and for our play

And we ask you to keep us safely through the night