St. Francis C. of E. Primary School and Nursery

Parents’ Corner

Food for Thought:

Nick Gibb (Schools Minister) says that the difference in academic achievement in a child who reads half an hour or more a day in their spare time and a child who doesn’t can be up to one year by the time they are 15 years old.

“The library is the heart of the school, which itself has learning at its core. The resources in our library can allow our imaginations to run free, introduce us to new experiences and promote access to knowledge and enjoyment”

The DfES Education and Libraries Task Group.


Calling all Dads, Grandads, Big Brothers, Uncles…

Research has shown that having a male reading role model is invaluable in encouraging children (particularly boys) to read! So, whether it’s the latest bestseller, the newspaper, a cookery book or a Haynes motor bike manual, let your kids see you enjoying a good read!

“La lumière est dans le livre. Ouvrez le livre tout grand. Laissez-le rayonner”

(“The light is in the book open the book wide and let it shine.”)

Victor Hugo (French author)