St. Francis C. of E. Primary School and Nursery

E-Safety Introduction

Title HandAt St Francis Primary School we teach the children how to use modern technologies to support their learning across the curriculum. Technology opens a world of opportunities to those who use it securely. Whilst pupils are using technologies at school there is a variety of software that runs in the background, designed to help keep children safe.

Although safer at school; it is essential that children learn how to keep themselves safe whilst using technology and parents understand the importance they play in this role. At school we run E-safety days, where staff and community police come together to teach both pupils and parents/carers about the importance of keeping safe whilst using technology. Keep an eye out in the newsletter for our next event.

Below you will find links for both pupils and parents/carers about their roles in keeping safe on the internet.

E-saftey for Children:

KidSmart   Ages 5 - 7   Ages 8 - 10

E-safety for Parents/Carers:

KidSmart  Parents and Carers

Our child led e-safety curriculum: