St. Francis C. of E. Primary School and Nursery

Collective Worship

Our Collective Worship

We celebrate Collective Worship every day in different ways.  Our Collective Worship is closely linked to our Christian values and includes singing, stories, drama, prayer and times of reflection.  including whole school assemblies and collective worship led by Mrs Cowlard, choral worship, class collective worship, Gold book (celebration of excellent work or attitude) as well as a weekly collective worship led by Reverend Peter. 

We encourage the children to take part in leading our collective worship both in front of the whole school and within their classrooms.  Each class also has the opportunity to performing in their own class assembly at school in addition to our Harvest, Nativity, Easter, Leaver’s and Education Sunday services which are held in church.

Celebrating Eucharist

Our termly Eucharist services are very special to us.  Children from Years 2-6 as well as parents are invited to share Communion together.  The children often lead parts of the service and the choir sing whilst the children and adults receive either Communion or a Blessing.


Class Collective Worship

The time we spend together in collective worship within our classes is distinctive and special.  Each class has its own Collective Worship box which contains a Bible, Book of Prayers, Candle and high five hand.  In addition to these items the children and teacher bring in other treasures which help them create a visual focus for their time of worship.  These are often beautiful things from nature, fabric, pictures, photographs or objects collected from outside school which the children appreciate and want to share with their class to help them think and reflect on their own beliefs and thoughts about God.

The theme follows on from the weekly Collective Worship theme for the whole school and helps to provide an opportunity for the children to talk about their own thoughts and further their understanding of the theme in a smaller context.  The theme for the week is displayed in every classroom and around school so everyone can reflect on the theme during the week.


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